Why Join the BSCI / BSCCT?

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Why should radiology and cardiology trainees be interested in cardiovascular imaging?

Cardiovascular imaging is progressing rapidly and we now have more ways than ever before to look at the heart. Cardiovascular imaging covers a wide range of technologies and an even wider range of diseases. Novel ways to treat cardiovascular disease are constantly being developed, and imaging is always at the centre of these advances. The summary – cardiovascular imaging is exciting!

For the cardiovascular imaging specialist there are multiple imaging modalities including CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and echo. Choosing the correct imaging combination for each patient is essential to provide accurate and comprehensive diagnosis. These technologies are advancing rapidly and the BSCI can help you stay up to date with the latest advances in cardiovascular imaging throughout your training.

Cardiovascular imaging is also important for the general radiologist and the non-imaging cardiologist. The heart is afterall at the centre of the body! All trainees need a basic understanding of how to apply these imaging techniques to their patients, and the basic aspects of interpreting these images or reports. More information can be found on the education, training and curriculum sections.

Why should radiology and cardiology trainees join the BSCI/BSCCT?

The BSCI/BSCCT provides a central point for information and training in cardiovascular imaging for both radiologists and cardiologists. On this website you will find information on the national curriculum, training programs, fellowships, educational courses, meetings, grants, research, standards, and much more.

The cardiology and radiology trainee representatives on the BSCI committee are also your port of contact if you have any questions or suggestions about training in cardiovascular imaging.

The annual meeting provides an opportunity to meet other trainees and consultants with an interest in cardiovascular imaging. There is also the opportunity to present posters or oral presentations at a national meeting, and the possibility of winning a prize!

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