International Fellowships

Radiology Fellowship Opportunities at Monash Health Imaging, Melbourne, Australia

Monash Health Imaging offer fellowship opportunities to suitably qualified trainees in:

  1. Abdominal imaging
  2. Breast imaging
  3. Chest and cardiac imaging
  4. Interventional radiology
  5. Neuroradiology
  6. Nuclear medicine / PET
  7. Paediatric radiology
  8. Women’s imaging

Please register your interest for any of the above fellowship positions to A/Prof. Dee Nandurkar, and Stacey Kuilboer,


Provisional Fellow in Echocardiography to join the Cardiology Team at Concord Hospital, Sydney

Please see link below for a new imaging/echo fellow position in Sydney, Australia.

This map contains information on international fellowships that may be available. Members should be aware that the presence of information on this site/page does not imply support or endorsement from the BSCI. If you have information that you would like have included on this page please email

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