BSCI recommended new codes and tariffs for cardiac computed tomography

At present there are no specific nationally agreed tariffs for Cardiac CT examinations. In addition the National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedure (NICIP) code set has not accurately reflected the expanding scope and complexity of cardiac CT examinations. In the absence of this data proposed tariffs have varied widely across the UK with little available supporting evidence. This has proved a problem both to those developing and commissioning services.

This document makes recommendations for national tariffs for Cardiac CT and links these recommendations to the up-dated NICIP code set. The recommendations have been developed by the British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (BSCI) in collaboration with the Imaging Council of the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS), the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR). These recommendations may be subject to change reflecting evolving codes and costs.

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Tariffs

In collaboration, it has been proposed that BSCMR in partnership with BSCI develop a system of new codes and tariffs for CMR that reflect the complexity, cost and range of CMR in 2009.

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