Coronary CTA Provision 2018

To celebrate the International Day of Radiology which this year focused on Cardiac Imaging the BSCI/BSCCT teamed up with the Royal College of Radiologists and issued press releases highlighting the shortfall in coronary CTA provision across all 4 of the nations of the UK.

Click here to access the press releases for the UKScotland and Wales.

This was picked up by several media outlets and the President Dr Giles Roditi was interviewed by the BBC both for TV (appearing on the 10 O’Clock News in Scotland) and live on the radio (Good Morning Scotland).  There was also a prominent BBC News page and the story was picked up by The Independent.

Our thanks to Emma Cooper, Media Officer at the Royal College of Radiologists.

Good Morning Scotland – 08/11/2018 – BBC Sounds⁠⁦⁩

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