CT TAVI Collaborative

Would you like to be involved in a CT TAVI collaborative?

There is increasing evidence that the integration of structural CT into TAVI planning reduces procedural complications1. However, CT TAVI parameters are not currently captured as part of the national TAVI registry. The CT TAVI collaborative aims (1) to determine the scope of CT TAVI assessment in UK centres and (2) to promote the highest standards of clinical practice in cardiovascular imaging.

The BSCI/BSCCT committee elected to fund an investigation into UK TAVI CT practice at the AGM in 2017 and this is an invitation to join the CT TAVI collaborative.  We are particularly interesting in identifying centres that perform a high-volume of CT TAVI assessments.

Please contact Dr. Iwan Harries iwan.harries@uhbristol.nhs.uk and provide your e-mail address, hospital(s) in which you work and an indication of your annual TAVI CT workload in each institution.

The results of our collaborative have been recently published in BMJ Open Heart. This can be viewed here on https://openheart.bmj.com/content/7/1/e001233

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Dr. Iwan Harries (CT TAVI Audit Lead, CT TAVI Collaborative)
Dr. Alastair Moss (Cardiology Co-chair BSCI trainee committee, CT TAVI Collaborative)
Dr. Ed Nicol (Past President BSCI/BSCCT, CT TAVI Collaborative)
Dr. Giles Roditi (President BSCI/BSCCT, CT TAVI Collaborative)

  1. Binder RK et al.  The impact of integration of a multidetector computed tomography annulus area sizing algorithm on outcomes of transcatheter aortic valve replacement: a prospective, multicenter, controlled trial. J Am Coll Cardiol 2013;62(5):431–438.
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