CT TAVI Collaborative

In 2017 the BSCI/BSCCT funded an investigation into UK TAVI CT practice, the CT TAVI collaborative led by Dr. Iwan Harries, Dr. Alastair Moss, Dr. Ed Nicol, and Dr. Giles Roditi. The study aimed to survey members of BSCI/BSCCT who perform CT-TAVI to assess the variability in scan acquisition, reporting and dissemination of findings.

The survey obtained information from 40 centres across the UK. It found that there were variation in acquisition protocols (41% retrospective, 12% prospective with wide padding, 47% prospective with narrow padding) and the phase of reporting aortic annulus sizing (45% systolic, 37% diastolic, 11% both, 6% unreported). The median radiation dose was a dose length product of 675 mGy.cm (IQR 477–954 mGy.cm).

The results of the CT TAVI collaborative have been published in OpenHeart. This can be accessed here on https://openheart.bmj.com/content/7/1/e001233

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