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St. Joseph’s Cardiac MRI course for Radiographers

Last event date: September 11, 2021

The course takes place over two-days so we can provide a unique and comprehensive experience for our delegates, who would like to learn more about Cardiovascular MRI.

Day One, will consist of didactic scientific lectures on all components of CMR given by the faculty members.

Day Two, will involve the delegates rotating through 4 separate CMR stations comprising:

1) practice CMR scanning with guided mentorship,

2) learn how a CMR report is crafted,

3) view CMR clinical case studies,

4) CMR image analysis and post processing provided by a representative from Circle CVI42 (software company).

From the outset of the course on day one, delegates will be encouraged to take part in discussions to encourage learning, and relate the theoretical information provided by the presentations to clinical practice.

Time is given during and after each presentation to ask questions and revisit key areas of the course content.

At the end of each day, time is provided to reflect on the learning outcomes. The course is designed in such a way that the second days practical workshop sessions, will provide reaffirmation and reflection of the theory content delivered by the presentations during the previous day.

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The leaflet can be found below for more information.

St. Joseph's cMRI course

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