Courses on Cardiac MRI

Practical considerations for delivering MRI to cardiac device patients

King’s College London: CMR – Theory and Practical Applications for Radiographers

Last event date: December 6, 2023

Venue: King's College London

Dates:      Wednesday 6 December 2023

Venue:     London or Online MS Teams

Further information and registratio details:

The course covers basic MRI safety/physics and focuses on the theory and practical skills involved with carrying out a simple CMR procedure as well as the more complex scans such as Perfusion imaging and Aortogram. We provide an exceptional faculty of internationally renowned experts in the field of cardiac MRI.

Topics include:

·       Clinical Value of CMR

·       MR Safety/CMR Physics

·       Scanning device patients

·       ‘How to’/ ‘Principles of’:Basic CMR

·       Perfusion scanning

·       Aortograms and Flow imaging

·       T1/T2 and ECV Mapping

·       Lunchtime talk ‘ Contrast safety’

·       Congenital Cardiac MRI

·       Tips and Tricks:

·       -The difficult patient

·       -Ectopics vs Arrythmias

·       -Artefacts

·       LGE- CMRs Golden Egg

  • Scanner visit – in person attendees

·       Post processing of images

Feedback from the March 2022/June 2023 courses:

  • Thank you for organising a very informative course
  • Thanks for letting me be a part of this course! It was very helpful.
  • I learned a lot about late gadolinium enhancement especially during the interactive session I found this most useful.
  • Lots and lots. Particularly enjoyed the presentations on scanning devices, stress perfusion and principals of basic CMR. We are starting a cardiac service from scratch and this course has given me a lot of ideas and hints and tips to use and incorporate in to practice.
  • It was overall a good refresh of all CMR. Will be trying Dark Blood images LGE
  • Most of the cardiac material is as new to me and has given me loads to develop on.
  • Yes learnt lots of new and useful things. Such as discussion on angiography techniques; free breathing/real time imaging techniques; and flow/venc positioning in the congenital imaging talk.
  • LGE by Dr Adriana Villa and Tissue characterization by Dr Tevfik are fantastic.
  • I learnt many new things, especially in regard to anatomy, planning and clinical cases
  • Practical planning and pathology. Good mix of radiographer and cardiologist presenters.

Stress Perfusion- King’s College London

Last event date: February 27, 2024

Dates:      Tuesday 27 February 2024

Venue:     Online – MS Teams

Fees:         £350 external, £125 internal

Any queries, please email :

At the end of this course, attendees will have:

  • A solid understanding of what is stress perfusion CMR and how it works
  • Understanding of when to refer a patient for stress CMR, and the different indications for adenosine, regadenoson, low-dose dobutamine and high-dose dobutamine
  • How to interpret and report stress CMR imaging, including recognition of pitfalls and artefacts
  • Overview of the basic CMR physics relevant for stress perfusion imaging acquisition
  • Understanding of the post-processing techniques
  • Understanding of the different applications of cardiac CT and stress CMR
  • Review of the scientific evidence and guidelines supporting the use of stress imaging
  • Learn how to set up a clinical CMR stress test service

The course has been approved by the Royal College of Physicians for 7 CPD points.

Advertising of courses on this site/page does not imply support or endorsement from the BSCI/BSCCT.

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