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The BSCI/BSCCT is a multi-professional society for all those interested in and practicing in cardiac imaging.

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Membership rates:

Full members

  • £40 per year if paying by direct debit (the preferred method)
  • £60 per year if paying by bank transfer or credit card

Radiographers, medical physicists, other allied health care professionals

  • 50% reduction in membership fees

Membership benefits include:

  • Reduced registration fees for the BSCI Spring Meeting and Annual General Meeting and other BSCI and BSCCT meetings held throughout the year
  • Reduced accreditation fees when applying for BSCI Accreditation (levels 1 to 3) and or for SCCT Accreditation transfer. New members joining the society between the 1st October and the 31st December (subscription-free period) need to pay a membership fee of £25.00 if applying for accreditation
  • Direct notification of forthcoming events, both of the BSCI and other affiliated groups
  • Information regarding training opportunities and courses
  • Support with service development at your hospital
  • Access to educational materials available only to BSCI members
  • Support and nomination of members for clinical excellence awards
  • Members have the opportunity to become a representative on local cardiac network groups
  • BSCI encourages the development of regional cardiac imaging groups
  • BSCI provides UK-wide networking opportunities and support to all its members
  • Members have the right to vote for the BSCI committee
  • Members have the right to stand for the BSCI Committee subject to eligibility
  • 50% discount on personal online only subscriptions to Heart
  • Income tax relief on annual membership subscription- please click below for more information

Membership Certificates

Membership certificates will be issued once payment has been made in full.

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