The BSCI is grateful for the contribution of the lifetime members to the society and to the cardiovascular imaging community.

RCR/BSCI/BSCCT Visiting Professor

  • Dr Ed Nicol, 2017
  • Dr Stephen Harden, 2016

Lifetime members

  • Dr Ed Nicol
  • Dr Stephen Harden
  • Dr Peter Wilde
  • Dr Roger Bury

Previous Presidents

  • Dr Giles Roditi
  • Dr Ed Nicol
  • Dr Stephen Harden
  • Dr Roger Bury
  • Dr Charles Peebles
  • Dr Peter Wilde – President of BSCR
  • Dr Richard Coulden – notable member of CRG, BSCR, BSCI
  • Dr John Partridge – notable member of CRG, BSCR
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