About the BSCCT

We are the national society dedicated to the support of cardiovascular CT. Activities of the society involve guidelines, educational material, meetings and research and audit activities. A summary of the recent activity is provided below.

The recently published BSCI/RCP/RCR Standards of practice of computed tomography coronary angiography (CTCA) in adults provides guidance for how to perform CTCA and includes sections on patient information, safe drug administration, contrast, scanning modes, technical requirements, image quality and radiation dose.

The society organises a biannual joint meeting with the SCCT on advanced cardiovascular CT. The December 2014 meeting was entitled “State of the art cardiovascular CT” and featured talks on iterative reconstruction, plaque imaging, CT myocardial perfusion, FFRCT and a keynote talk on the future of cardiovascular CT by Dr Szilard Voros. The next biannual meeting will be held in December 2016.

The society organises with the Royal Society of Medicine a rolling series of lectures which can be used to contribute towards level 1 accreditation in cardiovascular CT. The series features three days of lectures organised over a two year cycle.

The society is committed to patient safety in cardiovascular imaging and has organised a national Radiation dose audit for cardiovascular CT. A summary of this audit is available on the website and the full results are being prepared for publication.

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