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Book Review – Illustrated Clinical Cases: Cardiac Imaging

Review by Dr Jonathan Weir-McCall, Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Radiology, Dundee

Illustrated Clinical Cases: Cardiac Imaging by S Hussain, J Panting, JK Teoh

Comprising of 75 varied clinical cases, Illustrated Clinical Cases: Cardiac Imaging covers a wide range of cases ranging from bread and butter ischaemia through to a variety of more esoteric conditions. The clinical information given for each question is detailed and thorough and leads nicely into each case.  The answers are well written, and follow a chatty prose which explain the answer and expand on it to further ground the reader in an eloquent manner, which I found far more useful than the stochastic bullet points often encountered in question books.  The book is geared towards providing a firm basis for a foundation in cardiac imaging and therefore focuses or cases that you are most likely to see in day to day clinical imaging, including common and atypical presentations of common conditions and how these appear on different modalities.  The book therefore suffers slightly in its coverage of the more unusual cardiac conditions, however this is balanced by the breadth of the book in terms of imaging modalities.  I t impressively covers the full gamut, encompassing plain film, echocardiography, catheter angiography, SPECT, CT and MRI – a range I have not seen in any other cardiac imaging case series I have read to date.  The images are printed on excellent quality paper, and are suitably sized to identify the pertinent abnormality without resorting to a magnifying glass.  The one glaring weakness of the book is a lack of references or suggestions for further reading.

This concise book provides an excellent grounding in the basics of cardiac imaging, and would suit radiology and cardiology registrars starting their imaging training.

High quality images. Good coverage of the basics. Extensive use of multiple imaging modalities

Limited coverage of rarer diagnoses. Lack of references

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