BHF Clinical Research Collaborative

The BSCI/BSCCT are delighted to have joined the BHF Clinical Research Collaborative.

The BHF-funded Clinical Research Collaborative, hosted by the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) on behalf of all cardiovascular societies, aims to support the planning and delivery of high-quality cardiovascular research nationwide.

By uniting the clinical research efforts of cardiovascular professional societies, it seeks to help join up work to identify and prioritise the most important clinical questions.

The BHF CRC has set up a robust infrastructure to facilitate and coordinate researchers from across the country to develop robust study proposals to answer these questions. It is also anticipated that, as a result of the initiative, more clinicians will get involved in research as part of their roles and a greater share of cardiovascular patients interested in research can participate.  One of the key principles in the work of the BHF CRC is around democratising research and making sure the right questions are being asked.

The primary focus of the BHF CRC is to provide immediate material support to the cardiovascular clinical research community. There is a range of resources available to support research development and collaboration.

For more information about the BHF CRC please visit the website

Current opportunities:

BHF CRC CTU (clinical trials unit) consultancy packages

Aims to offer UK researchers the opportunity to consult with a leading CTU to address questions in, and refine the design of, research projects. Eligible projects must be towards the later stages of development (rather than conceptual) and be of sufficient scale or merit that they will attract the support of an established Research Group.

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