Education and Training

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Accreditation in cardiovascular CT can be achieved via both the BSCI/BSCCT and the SCCT. Level 2 accreditation indicates competence to report whilst level 3 indicates a level of experience to train others in CTCA. 

Map 7. Level 2 (red dots) and Level 3 (blue pins) accredited CTCA practitioners in the UK. 

To deliver a high quality CTCA service across the UK will require signi cant investment in training. The whole workforce (radiographers, nurses, medical physicists, radiologists and cardiologists) will need to be appropriately trained in both the clinical and technical aspects of CTCA so they are both confident and competent to acquire CTCA images in all patients, including those who may be technically challenging (high heart rates, arrhythmias, high BMI etc.). This will also ensure that Quality Assurance is delivered as a key component of a high quality CTCA service xvi

Whilst core and advanced education in CTCA is provided by both the BSCI/ BSCCT and individual providers, it will be necessary to significantly expand these educational offerings and look at alternative methods of delivery. This will require concerted and co-ordinated effort by those responsible for the clinical and technical education of the workforce, in conjunction with the specialist societies to ensure that high quality CTCA is delivered at optimal (as low as reasonably achievable) radiation doses.

* STP in England, Regional Health Boards in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales 



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