Projected Requirement for CTCA - Absolute Increase in Provision Needed

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Map 4. Absolute increase in number of CTCA required by region* in the UK 

Conversely, in more heavily populated regions, such as Greater Manchester, there is also a relatively low provision to the large population and nearly 15,000 extra scans will be required per year to meet the projected NICE guidelines. This represents a 7000% increase compared with current activity. Even in North-West London where CTCA activity is to be highest in the UK, the proportionate increase in activity is the lowest but still requires a 100% increase in throughput. This is not an insigni cant change in delivery for any cardiac CT service.

* STP in England, Regional Health Boards in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales 


(This is an intercative map. Please click on the map and explore it to find out more detailed information)

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