Projected requirement for CTCA following updated NICE GG95 guidelines

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In 2010 there were 120,000 referrals to rapid access chest pain clinics (RACPC) in England i. This would equate to 148,000 referrals per year in the UK (assuming an equivalent attendance to RACPC in Wales, Scotland and NI). This equates to 200 CTCA per 100,000 population, if 90% were referred for CTCA. Currently only 2 regions in the UK (Devon and North West London) are currently delivering this volume of CTCA. 

Map 3. CTCA per 100,000 population by region* in the UK 

However, as not all patients with chest pain go through a RACPC, this number is likely to represent an underestimation of the total referrals generated for CTCA. Patients also present via the emergency department (ED), medical admissions units (MAU) and via specialty clinics.

Using previous published assumptions used to predict the demand in nuclear cardiology for myocardial perfusion scintigraphy (MPS) xiv the true gure may be as high as 340,000 referrals per annum (or 523 CTCA per 100,000 population, per annum).

It is therefore estimated that up to an additional 200,000 patients may require CTCA under the new NICE stable chest pain guidelines. This represents a 700% increase in cardiovascular CT delivery. 

IMG 0033

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