CTCA delivery in the UK

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The BSCI/BSCCT has obtained national data for the current provision of cardiovascular CT for 2015 (Map 2). This data demonstrates the low number of centres performing high volumes within each region. 

Map 2. Number of centres per region* performing >40 CTCA per month 

101 centres performed a total of 38,455 ECG-gated cardiac CT scans** (including CTCA) in the UK in 2015. 34% of these scans are performed in the 10 largest centres in the UK. 68% of centres who undertake Cardiovascular CT perform <10 cardiac scans per week. Of the Trusts that deliver Cardiovascular CT currently <10% perform >40 scans per month. 

In Scotland 8 centres are currently performing cardiac CT in Scotland with only one centre performing > 10 cardiovascular CT scans per week.

There are 7 cardiovascular CT centres in Wales and 5 in Northern Ireland Only one Welsh centre performs >10 cardiovascular CT scans per week with no higher volume centres in Northern Ireland. 

* STP in England, Regional Health Boards in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

** Cardiac CT coded CACRY 


(This is an intercative map. Please click on the map or here and explore it to find out more detailed information)


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