Executive Summary

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There has been a sustained growth in the provision of cardiovascular CT, including CTCA, in the UK since that described in 2010 iii, however the delivery of CTCA remains highly variable across the UK and even within regions. The introduction of the new NICE guidelines for stable chest pain will require signi cant investment in new technology, a far wider and more uniform geographical delivery of CTCA, and extensive investment in the clinical workforce to ensure training and experience is accessible and provided, to deliver high quality CTCA against agreed standards ii. This paper focusses speci cally on the location of cardiac capable scanners (whether cardiac enabled or not), the location and number of individuals currently accredited in cardiovascular CT and the current delivery of CTCA both by centre and population.

To ensure the quality of CTCA provision remains high in the UK it will be necessary to ensure that:

  • CTCA is performed on appropriate, cardiac enabled, CT scanners with adequate reporting workstation software to allow thorough and complete analysis and report generation.

  • The workforce (radiographers, nurses, radiologists and cardiologists) are appropriately trained in CTCA and are both con dent and competent to acquire CTCA images in all patients, including those who may be technically challenging (high heart rates, arrhythmias, high BMI etc.).

  • Departments develop close relationships with local centres of excellence (and level 3 accredited practitioners) and industry partners to ensure an ongoing, iterative process to protocol optimisation.

  • Departments have appropriate medical physics support to routinely assess the doses delivered for CTCA locally and ensure that they are close to the National Dose Reference Level (NDRL)*


* A NDRL is expected to be published by Public Health England in early 2017. This will be based on the results of the BSCI/BSCCT National dose survey iv with a median dose for CTCA of 200mGy.cm. 


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