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Thanks to our industry partners for providing the commercial data on the CT scanner base, colleagues in NHS England and devolved Nations for activity data, and the staff of BSCI/ BSCCT and SCCT for accreditation data. Thanks to Dr John Driesbach for data ordering & cleansing and Dr Giles Roditi for data analysis & production of the maps within this document.

The BSCI/BSCCT has worked hard to ensure the veracity of the data within this report. Nonetheless it should be acknowledged that data on volumes of CTCA speci cally are challenging due to the quality of, and potential variety of, coding data held centrally. Determining exact gures for RACPC attendance in the UK has been extrapolated from
the English data used by NICE, whilst the process for estimating the potential upper limit of stable chest pain referrals, to whom the NICE CG95 update applies, from all sources, has also required extrapolation from historic peer reviewed publications.




Dr Ed Nicol

President, British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging and British Society of Cardiovascular CT (BSCI/BSCCT)

Dr Simon Padley

Lead for Accreditation BSCI/BSCCT

Dr Giles Roditi

President-Elect BSCI/BSCCT

Professor Carl Roobottom

Lead for Research BSCI/BSCCT 


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