RCR/BSCI/BSCCT Travelling Cardiac Professor

The RCR and BSCI/BSCCT have established a travelling cardiac professor with the aims of highlight the role of imaging in the investigation of cardiovascular diseases, to promote best practice with regards to acquisition and reporting techniques, to promote cardiovascular imaging as a specialist interest in any NHS consultant appointment and to provide cardiovascular imaging teaching at both trainee and consultant level at centres that might not have access to such training opportunities. 

Planned visits from the RCR/BSCI/BSCCT travelling professor are as follows:

Dr Ed Nicol:

Mon 5 March – London 

Wed 14th March – S. Wales 

Mon 26th March Southampton 

Tues 22 May – Sheffield

Wed 23rd May – Hull

Mon 22-Wed 25th July 

Mon 10th Sept – Norwich 


Previous locations of visits from the RCR/BSCI/BSCCT traveling professor are as follows:

Dr Stephen Harden:

Chelsea and Westminster, London




St George's, London





BSCI/BSCCT members can login to the members section of the website to view reports from previous RCR/BSCI/BSCCT travelling cardiac professors.