Accreditation for Cardiac CT

There are three levels of accreditation in cardiac CT available: level 1 (basic), level 2 (independent practitioner), and level 3 (advanced). Please see the accreditation document below for further information on the requirements for accreditation at each level.

Please find below links to download the requirements for accreditation, application forms and renewal forms for accreditation in cardiac CT. 

The BSCI/BSCCT organises with the RSM a rolling program of three Core training in cardiovascular CT lecture days. If all three lecture days are attended this fulfils criteria for level 1 accreditation in cardiac CT.

The BSCI/BSCCT does not organise level 2 courses. However, information on available level 2 courses can be found here. (Note inclusion in this list does not denote endorsement by the BSCI/BSCCT)

Please note that accreditation is voluntary rather than mandatory and that it is not recognised by the GMC as a formal qualificaiton. 


Please note that the BIC and IBAN information have changed. Please use these new forms for applications after 21st October. 

Application Form BSCCT Accreditation Level 1

Application Form BSCCT Accreditation Level 2

 Application form BSCCT Accreditation Level 3

Application form BSCCT Re-Accreditation Level 2

Application form BSCCT Re-Accreditation Level 3